My web site is a collection of work I have done and and some of the hobbies I enjoy. You will find on this site different collections of hunting, fishing, the great outdoors, a memorial for a close friend, websites I have created and other things.

I am an avid hunter and fisher as well I enjoy working with my computer in many different aspects of computer science. I graduated Computer Science Technology with Presidential honours in 2002 and currently work as a teacher teaching computer related topics such as C++ programming and Microsoft products per taining to operating systems and office applications. I have achieved a masters in Microsoft Office and I understand many other different things about the computer.

But most of all, I enjoy the great outdoors riding my snowmobile in the coldest of temperatures as I am "Made in Canada"! Enjoy my site and the things you find and tune in regularly for new and updated content as this site is an ongoing project that I am not sure where it is going to take off to.



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Matthew Haensgen was an excellent friend...
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Not really a lake, but my sister's hobby...
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